I remember I used to beg for nudes on here.

Then I got snapchat. Now I get random nudes every once in a while.

I’m not even upset. 


'el 'B” by Selgascano, Cartagena, Spain.

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I caved and got an ello


Atari programmer Alan Moss working on “Super Breakout” video game
photo by James A. Sugar

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Hotel Bamer, avenida Juárez 52, Centro Histórico, México DF 1949 

Arq. Luis Martínez Negrete

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untitled, v2, 2014


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I lie to myself just to be close to somebody else.

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Hans Breder March 16 - April 14, 2012

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Some of my favorite pictures I took from when I was in Utah this past July. Don’t know why I’m just now posting these.

I caved and got an ello

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Zdzislaw Stanek (Poland, 1925 - 1996)

Słońce 1985

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