Ask me questions I don’t care what

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4 am knows me better than most people know me.

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Jenna is so the bae

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Nectar on the rocks

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The Yu Yu Hakusho Gang.

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{ through a stone window }

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What happened to that girl

We both moved on. We’re living our lives. 

Does she miss me? More than likely no.

Do I miss her? Nope but somedays are harder than others because my brain hates me.

don’t stress bro. I couldn’t make it either. Major bummer but life goes on

Austin. You should come to FlyLo with me at the Tabernacle October 11th

I’m so mad I couldn’t go to the Mad Decent Block Party today.

Like why would I want to spend an entire Sunday with my family for my shithead brother’s birthday when I could have been hanging out with Flume, Flosstradamus, Action Bronson and Riff Raff?

Like fuck everything about that I’m so salty. 

BLESS 1998

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Koen van den Broek

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